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  • Are you ready to learn how to manage your debt better in 2022? Join us Thursday, February 10th, 202

    5 Ways to Manage Your Debt Online Workshop! Are you ready to make money resolutions that actually stick? Then join us at our no-cost virtual webinar to learn the top five ways to successful debt management. Date: Thursday, February 10, 2022 Time: 3 p.m. - 4 p.m. PT Location: Virtually Online Topics Covered Include: Impact of debt on personal finances Debt management tools Budgeting & savings tips Refinance & debt consolidation options Guest Speaker: Matthew Gage - Partner Experience Manager, GreenPath Financial Wellness Register today: Zoom Link Meeting ID: 816 4311 2242 Passcode: 921708 By Phone: 1-408-638-0968


    My name is Diana Osorio, I am a mom and I have worked as a Clinical Lactation Consultant for over 21 years in Post-Partum and NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). I have provided care and support to over 40,000 moms and their babies, encouraging them and leading them to achieve their personal breastfeeding goals, by listening and providing guidance and support on their journey, without guilt or judgment. I did my practices at the Miller's Children Hospital in Long Beach, CA, and CHOC of Orange County, where I had the opportunity to learn from the best in the field of NICU and Clinical Lactation. As a professional, I felt frustrated as I noticed the struggles that breastfeeding moms go through while pumping and collecting their milk, especially for babies who are in the intensive care unit. At the same time, I noticed the significant amount of breastmilk that is wasted in traditional breast pads. After 12-month extensive research, I concluded that nursing moms who use 2 or more nursing pads per day, can save 4-12 ounces of their precious breastmilk, by just collecting the milk, instead of getting it absorbed and wasted on nursing pads. This was my motivation to develop a product that helps moms to collect all those precious milk drops that are traditionally wasted in nursing pads or clothing. Lacticups helps moms in so many ways that I consider Lacticups an Essential, a Must-have for every breastfeeding mom. I have found my purpose in life through my career as a Lactation Consultant. Being able to support a mother in such a critical moment in her life is the most rewarding opportunity that life has given me. Through Lacticups, I can help mothers from far, with a product that was inspired by moms and their babies and created with much love. Diana O, IBCLC, CCE.

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  • Colombian Chamber San DiegoCOl | Colombian Chamber of Commerce San Diego

    t Thank you for supporting small businesses ​ We thank the people from these countries that visit our page. We appreciate your support and friendship! RETURN Join us .

  • Welcome | Colombian Chamber San Diego

    Welcome We spread your business, we link your company and personal data, in San Diego and in the world, through this page. Get in touch with more Colombians and the Latino community. Attend our events. Here you will find information, economics, sports, links to all our media in Colombia and what is happening in San Diego. Join our team. JOIN! Benefits JOIN! ​ Joining the Colombian Chamber of Commerce in San Diego brings great benefits for both Colombian citizens and entrepreneurs. ​ The following are some of the most representative benefits for each type of affiliate: ​ Benefits for the Colombian Citizen ​ 1. Discounts through the affiliate directory and participation in wheels of business 2. Special invitations to cultural events 3. General and specific orientation to visitors and new residents, with updates on economic, financial, cultural, legal and immigration issues. ​ Benefits for the Entrepreneur ​ 1. Connect with the Latin market to offer products and services. 2. Update on economic, financial, cultural, legal and immigration issues. 3. Opportunity to Interact with other companies. RETURN

  • Cartelera de eventos | Events Colombian Chamber of Commerce San Diego

    Events -News 2021 ​ If you find something of importance to ours, spread the word Thank you NEW INSTRUCTIONS REGISTRATION TO VOTE IN THE NEXT ELECTIONS Check your polling place at: Congressional elections on March 13, 2022, the registration deadline is January 13, 2022. Published and announced in Balboa Park on July 20 and in subsequent meetings from the house of Colombia. Additionally, the flyers with the information were sent to Diego Gutiérrez and David Almería, so that they could distribute them digitally to all the members of the Casa de Colombia. Also announced by Univision. Radio and most of the social networks. SIGN UP Historical moment where the house of the Philippines left its space in its little house in Balboa Park, giving Colombia a place to have, its long-awaited little house in the park, this will be shared with our brothers from France. Congratulations to all of our We deeply regret the passing of our dear Natasha Luz Barney, a victim of Covid. Natasha was always a warrior and she fought until the last moment. For her daughters Priscilla Barney, Nathalia Desiree, her husband Phill. To all the directive and associate members of the house of Colombia. To all his friends and the Colombian community in San Diego, we offer our sincere condolences. We have all lost a wonderful being and an exemplary Colombian. Rest in peace. Saturday June 12 from 10am California time. Totally free and will be streamed YouTube Arlette ramos Creator of I connect Souls Nahuel Michalski Degree in Philosophy PhD in Political Philosophy Professor, researcher and communicator Responsible for various training spaces in Argentina and abroad. Rene Mey Humanist, Healer and Seer Valeria Frachia Lic. In psychology Creator of @casa_deestudio Training space in psychoanalysis and philosophy Erick vega Director and Producer of @a_journeywithin Daniel Madero Music Producer and Pianist Carlos Caridad Reiki Master Energy Healer Marco Ayuso Coach and Speaker Creator of #DiscoverLoQueTeApassiona Zahily Azar Dentist and Instructor of the meditation system @ishajudd Agustin Park Creator of the human experience We Advance Together Antonio Diego Writer and Professor of Philosophy at Pablo de Olavide University in Seville, Spain. Prior to our summer Golf tournament. Representing the Colombo American Rotary Club of Los Angeles. A putting tournament was played, which won Carlos Mejia Champion. Congratulations to the Rotary Club of Los Angeles Colombo Americano, for another great project. They created a bird painting, that was sold among friends and family. $ 1500 was collected and will be used in their wonderful charity events. "Well done Rotary Club." We are very sad to learn about the sudden passing of our friend and collaborator "Elloy" To all his family and friends our deepest sympathy. Beloved Friends and Family, I am writing to you today to let you know about the loss of beloved son, brother, husband and grandpa Eloy Ellis. The passing of Eloy was very unexpected and sudden. We are all at a complete loss of words for this tragic passing. Eloy passed peacefully at home in his sleep with no pain on 1/1/2021. We are absolutely devastated by Eloy's passing and are struggling to find the funds to cover the cost of the cremation services and impending financial commitments. On Wednesday November 18 from 3 pm to 4 pm, MyPoint Credit Union will be offering a great webinar on "5 Ways To Boost Your FICO Credit Score." This will be a great workshop with critical information around FICO score. Wednesday, November 18th 3 pm - 4 pm Location: Virtually Online Topics covered include: How your credit score is calculated Credit score factors What is a good credit score Important tips for managing and improving your credit score The impact of your credit score Guest Speaker: Matthew Gage, Partner Experience Manager GreenPath Financial Wellness ​ Register today for this free event! ​ Once registered, here's what you will need to join the Zoom Webinar: Meeting ID: 912-4586-4186 Passcode: 498694 We share an invitation from our friends and collaborators from the house in Colombia. 👏👏👏👏 Hello Friends of the House of Colombia, we are not going to allow a pandemic to prevent us from meeting and sharing a very Colombian moment in 2020! THE MONROY BROTHERS. LINK: House of Colombia San Diego Congratulations. We want to extend our congratulations to our dear and respected Alicia Gomezjurado de Mendoza. For her well-deserved recognition for her long years of work as an ambassador of our folklore, music and dance at the first level. We are proud to know and have among us such a special character and we recognize his commendable effort to exalt our beautiful homeland. Alicita our most sincere and heartfelt congratulations. Thanks for all that you do We believe in ours we want Colombia. Congratulations Sofía Llano in Garden Grove Ca. Named the athlete of the month of September Well done Adrián Llano and Cecilia & Luka Llano, a proud family. Zoom info: Yipao Happy National Colombian 🇨🇴 Coffee Day. Even if there are a lot of things that make us feel proud of our country, the Coffee is our pride flag, if you are in San Diego come to celebrate our flagship product day with us in University Heights location. Mission Hills - closed weekends ​ MyPoint presents the Scoop San Diego Ice Cream Relief Week! Scoop San Diego's Ice Cream Relief Week will kick off on Friday to support local family-owned ice cream and gelato shops during COVID-19 We are excited to partner with Scoop San Diego 's "Ice Cream Relief Week", May 24 - May 31. Scoop San Diego is reaching out to communities to encourage people to support their local ice cream and gelato shops with a delivery or takeout order. During Ice Cream Relief Week, Scoop San Diego will host a live stream festival jam-packed with exclusive interviews with shop owners from Choose Gelato and Handel's Ice Cream , an ice cream happy hour with Bivouac Ciderworks and Mr. Trustee Creamery , along with social media giveaways. Stella Jeans Ice Cream will create a new San Diego-themed flavor and donate a portion of sales proceeds to Home Start . “We can all use something to sweeten up our days in quarantine, and our answer is ice cream,” said Daniel Szpak, founder of Scoop San Diego. "Ice Cream Relief Week is our way of giving back to the ice cream and gelato shops that have brought us that joy over the years, and sharing creamy deliciousness with everyone, no matter what their quarantine lifestyle is right now." Help support local ice cream shops! Locally-owned ice cream and gelato shops, as well as small businesses, have been hard-hit during COVID-19. In response, Scoop San Diego is inviting the community to keep local shops alive with takeout or delivery orders during Ice Cream Relief Week starting May 22! Meet Neiderfrank's Ice Cream, a Local Shop in Need More specifically, the organizers were heart-felt when they learned that National City's iconic Niederfrank's Ice Cream 's future is in jeopardy. The current owners, Patti Finnegan and Mary Ellen Faught, as with many small locally-owned businesses, have suffered tremendously over the last few months and could use the community's support to help them stay alive. Since 1948, the shop's techniques have stayed the same as the original owner, known as the Granddaddy of ice cream in San Diego, Elmer Niederfrank. The owners are hoping to continue that tradition for the next 70 years, but need your help. “Helping people do is the core of what MyPoint Credit Union is about. After partnering with Scoop San Diego Festival last year, we saw the impact they made in the North Park community. When they approached us, we knew we needed to join in and help, ”said Heather Dueitt, vice president of marketing at MyPoint Credit Union. “We are all in this together, and if we see our local businesses thriving, we all thrive. Now more than ever, we need to come together and safely show our support to our friends who have been creating memories for families for decades. These next few weeks are critical to small business owners as they are having to pay June bills and possibly make some hard decisions. " How everyone can participate virtually! Follow along at @ScoopSanDiego , @MyPointCU , or #IceCreamReliefWeek on Instagram through the end of May to see updated Q&A live sessions, special flavor releases, giveaways, and more. Head to their local ice cream or gelato shop between May 22 - 31 and order takeout or delivery. Then share their support by uploading a picture of them enjoying their ice cream on Instagram by tagging the accounts and using the hashtag #IceCreamReliefWeek . Giveaway prizes include: Gift cards to local businesses Free pints of ice cream An opportunity to collaborate with Gelati & Peccati and develop a unique flavor of ice cream A MyPoint orange beach cruiser Local ice cream gift baskets, and more. Schedule Friday, May 22 4: 00-8: 00pm Ice Cream Relief Week Pre-Party with Instagram Live Set from DJ Rafter Roberts Sunday, May 24 6: 00-7: 00pm Instagram Takeover with Gelati & Peccati Monday, May 25 10: 00-11: 00am Facebook Live Sweet Talk Q&A with MooTime Creamery Tuesday, May 26 10: 00-11: 00am Facebook Live Sweet Talk Q&A with GelatoLove 6: 00-7: 00pm Instagram Takeover with The Baked Bear Wednesday, May 27 10: 00-11: 00am Facebook Live Sweet Talk Q&A with DixiePops 6: 00-7: 00pm Instagram Takeover with Cor di Gelato Thursday, May 28 10: 00-11: 00am Facebook Live Sweet Talk Q&A with Kula Vegan Ice Cream 5: 00-7: 00pm Boozy Ice Cream Hour with Bivouac Ciderworks and Mr. Trustee Friday, May 29 10: 00-11: 00am Facebook Live Sweet Talk Q&A with Mr. Trustee Saturday, May 30 12:00 pm Announcement of Scoop San Diego's grand prize winner, who will get to create a brand-new flavor of their design with Gelati & Peccati View full video April 28, 2020 + We are very saddened today, for the loss of our good friend Carlos Dojaquez a victim of this terrible pandemic. Carlos participated in our golf tournament. (Thursday of Tigres) A wonderful Dad, a very happy and fun competitor, that will always be missed. Our deepest sympathy to his wife Irma, his daughters, his dear brother in law David, and all his family. May his soul rest in peace. Carlitos for all the times you share with us, thank you. ​ ​ Jueves de Tigres & Colombian Chamber of Commerce in San Diego. Dear Karla & Tanya: