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“Think of those you love and you will feel the strength to get ahead and not give up in the pursuit of your biggest dreams.

A very special greeting to everyone, in the voice of our beloved Sonia Velasco.

The ambassadors of Colombian music.®

Sonia Velasco

Ivan Quiceno

Carlos Murillas.

Reserved Rights®

In commemoration of the National Day of the Colombian Migrant.

A fraternal hug to all our compatriots in the world.

In commemoration of the National Day of the Colombian Migrant.

A very special thanks to DR. Alfonso de Jesús Vélez,    

(Ambassador)  Consul General of Colombia in Los Angeles.

The ambassadors of Colombian music.®


Contacts :

Sonia Velasco:   Shansovel@gmail.com


Ivan Quiceno:


Carlos Murillas:   carlos.murillas911@gmail.com

Reserved Rights®

ESPUMAS (Pasillo) by Jorge Augusto Villamil Cordovez

The Colombian Chamber of Commerce in San Diego. Is very proud to have El Maestro Carlos Murillas as part of their team. We bring him today so you can enjoy his magnificent talent and music. Find more information about Carlos in our web professional  directory.

email: carlos.murillas911@gmail.com

 Cachipay (Pasillo-Fiestero) and Ay Si Si (Joropo) by Luis Ariel Rey 

Anxiety (Passage) by José Enrique Sarabia

Bambuco of the Colombian Orchids (Bambuco) Author: Carlos Murillas.



  The beautiful voice of Sonia Velasco.


Contact Sonia: Shansovel@gmail.com


Here's a song for you… Ya No se.