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We spread your business, we link your company and personal data, in San Diego and in the world, through this page. Get in touch with more Colombians and the Latino community. Attend our events. Here you will find information, economics, sports, links to all our media in Colombia and what is happening in San Diego. Join our team.

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Joining the Colombian Chamber of Commerce in San Diego brings great benefits for both Colombian citizens and entrepreneurs.

The following are some of the most representative benefits for each type of affiliate:

Benefits for the Colombian Citizen

1. Discounts through the affiliate directory and participation in wheels      of business

2. Special invitations to cultural events

3. General and specific orientation to visitors and new residents, with updates on economic, financial, cultural, legal and immigration issues.  

Benefits for the Entrepreneur

1. Connect with the Latin market to offer products and services.

2. Update on economic, financial, cultural, legal and immigration issues. 

3. Opportunity to Interact with other companies.